Stay safe, everyone

As of this writing, the coronavirus has infected 422,959 people across the world and killed 18,907 of them (stats here). Lockdowns are happening in countries around the planet, but not here in Australia, oh no, as of today, we haven’t locked down yet, although thankfully schools are, which reduces the chance of kids becoming carriers because they’re not interfacing with other kids who may be carriers etcetera.

It’s really a very distressing time. I’ve also read on Twitter about some Canberra landlords who want to sell their property, and are therefore trying to evict their current tenants. Isn’t that horrible?? In the middle of a pandemic! Where is the humanity in the middle of this crisis? Can we even afford lawyers in Queanbeyan to help us? It’s very stressful!

At any rate, I hope you guys stay safe, stay indoors, stay at home, and let’s see each other through. God bless, everybody!

“Amadeo (Still My God),” Ryan Stevenson

Contemporary Christian singer Ryan Stevenson has released his new single, “Amadeo (Still My God).” Easily one of my favourite carrier singles from Stevenson, “Amadeo” has many great things going for it. First of all, that sing-along chorus is IRRESISTIBLE. You absolutely cannot help sing along with it. I can’t wait for it to be sung by believers in stadiums across the planet; it is one of the best choruses I’ve heard in recent memory.

Stevenson has a gift for writing encouraging songs that speak of God’s sovereignty and heart to help His people. “Eye of the Storm” was one of his most successful for that reason. “Amadeo” is a dip into the same waters, but with a fresh perspective and lyrics that anyone in a valley season will not hesitate to sing out at the top of his lungs. A great song that deserves massive airplay.

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Tauren Wells, “Miracle”

Contemporary Christian singer Tauren Wells released the “Miracle” lyric video as part of his new album, “Citizen of Heaven.”

This song may very well be in my Top 10 of favourite songs for 2020, even if it was released in September 2019, because I’ve really just tuned into it after the awesomeness of Wells’ current single, “Like You Love Me,” which is still climbing the charts.

Feedback on this track is that it hearkens to the days of Michael Jackson; ‘this is what worship music would sound like if MJ sang worship music,’ seems to be the general consensus of reviews on “Miracle.” And the comparison is not without basis: a funky bassline, driving guitars, and Wells’ all-in delivery make this song a winner across the board. With a theme of gratitude permeating “Miracle,” it is no wonder why this track is a fan favourite with the masses even months after its release.

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Milky Lane

Friends and I ate here for the first time today after church.

The pop korn chicken was delicious, crispy, and juicy, and that gravy was delightful.

Sweet potato fries were good, potato fries even better.

Milky Lane burgers with bacon were well received by my friends, although my Milky Lane burger with pineapple could have had more pineapple.

Big L delicious but deceptively spicy, so don’t order if you don’t like your chicken burgers hot.

Milkshakes were also delicious but pricey at almost $10 for the large.

We ate outside where water sprinklers helped with the summer heat.

Overall, I would go back for the chicken, and perhaps another burger from their wide selection.

On Flinders

My family and I had a Friday dinner at On Flinders, a lovely little Italian restaurant in Manuka, and it did not disappoint.

A truly flavourful arrabiata–not too spicy, not too mild–for my wife and garlic bread that exploded with flavour were the star choices.

Canberra Italian Restaurant - Arabiatta
On Flinders – Arabiatta Pasta
Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Garlic Bread
On Flinders – Garlic Bread

I also had fish and chips that were made from scratch and just delightful.

Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Fish and Chips
On Flinders – Fish and Chips

My two kids had the prawn and garlic pizzas, respectively, which they also enjoyed.

Italian restaurant in Canberra - Garlic Pizza
On Flinders Garlic Pizza
Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Prawn Pizza
On Flinders Gambinetto Pizza

Also had great service. Overall a good experience, and we’ll definitely return when we’re in the area.