Tauren Wells, “Miracle”

Contemporary Christian singer Tauren Wells released the “Miracle” lyric video as part of his new album, “Citizen of Heaven.”

This song may very well be in my Top 10 of favourite songs for 2020, even if it was released in September 2019, because I’ve really just tuned into it after the awesomeness of Wells’ current single, “Like You Love Me,” which is still climbing the charts.

Feedback on this track is that it hearkens to the days of Michael Jackson; ‘this is what worship music would sound like if MJ sang worship music,’ seems to be the general consensus of reviews on “Miracle.” And the comparison is not without basis: a funky bassline, driving guitars, and Wells’ all-in delivery make this song a winner across the board. With a theme of gratitude permeating “Miracle,” it is no wonder why this track is a fan favourite with the masses even months after its release.

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Milky Lane

Friends and I ate here for the first time today after church.

The pop korn chicken was delicious, crispy, and juicy, and that gravy was delightful.

Sweet potato fries were good, potato fries even better.

Milky Lane burgers with bacon were well received by my friends, although my Milky Lane burger with pineapple could have had more pineapple.

Big L delicious but deceptively spicy, so don’t order if you don’t like your chicken burgers hot.

Milkshakes were also delicious but pricey at almost $10 for the large.

We ate outside where water sprinklers helped with the summer heat.

Overall, I would go back for the chicken, and perhaps another burger from their wide selection.

On Flinders

My family and I had a Friday dinner at On Flinders, a lovely little Italian restaurant in Manuka, and it did not disappoint.

A truly flavourful arrabiata–not too spicy, not too mild–for my wife and garlic bread that exploded with flavour were the star choices.

Canberra Italian Restaurant - Arabiatta
On Flinders – Arabiatta Pasta
Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Garlic Bread
On Flinders – Garlic Bread

I also had fish and chips that were made from scratch and just delightful.

Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Fish and Chips
On Flinders – Fish and Chips

My two kids had the prawn and garlic pizzas, respectively, which they also enjoyed.

Italian restaurant in Canberra - Garlic Pizza
On Flinders Garlic Pizza
Italian Restaurant in Canberra - Prawn Pizza
On Flinders Gambinetto Pizza

Also had great service. Overall a good experience, and we’ll definitely return when we’re in the area.

Tauren Wells, “Close”

Tauren Wells has released a new single, “Close,” and it is a BOP! Right after releasing the Michael Jackson-esque “Miracle,” he releases a track that talks about God’s presence and reminds us that we have to be quiet and listen for God’s voice. What a great reminder! I’m so glad to have these two jams, especially after working on the Bevan & Co project.

Check out more of Tauren’s music on Spotify.

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Sunday in Canberra Cafe in Gungahlin

Situated at the corner of Ernest Cavanagh and Gungahlin Place streets, Sunday in Canberra is a delightful little cafe that serves great coffee and cafe food in an inviting space that is welcoming and delightfully cosy.

The cafe is mostly done in earth colours, with the homemade wooden furniture and succulents adding a sense of calm and classic homeyness to the cafe. Behind my wife in this first picture, you can see some antique appliances behind her, which add to the rustic feel of the restaurant.

My first time at Sunday, I ordered their Sunday’s Best, which you can see below. It contains, among other things, bacon, a kransky sausage, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and asparagus, alongside a couple of toasted bread slices and assorted greens. It was massive, quite filling, and offered a great selection of flavours for this hungry foodie.

Alongside it, I bought a Bundaberg Lemon, Lime, and Bitters, which I actually did regret because I learned later on that this Gungahlin cafe actually serves terrific coffee.

My next time at Sunday’s, I ordered the Trader’s Brekkie, which is bacon and hollandaise sauce in a lightly toasted bun. Had that with their signature Marble Mocha, which has since gone on to become the only coffee I’ve ever really ordered from Sundays in Canberra, because I’m a creature of habit, and if I like something, I often stick to it.

The cafe recently started selling rainbow bagels, which my daughter ordered with cream cheese and rainbow sprinkles. The colours don’t affect the flavour, and its colourful appeal only adds to the fun overall experience of the bagels.

If you’d like to check out Sunday in Canberra, they’re at 54 Ernest Cavanagh in Gungahlin.

Hangari Kimchi

My family and I absolutely love Hangari Kimchi. It’s our favourite Canberra restaurant!

The kids love the snow chicken, which is cheese powder-coated fried chicken thighs that are moist and bursting with flavour.

I like the incredible gangjung, chicken in a sweet-salty sauce served with rice cakes.

My wife likes the spicy seafood stew (sundubujjigae).

Great ambience, wonderful service, awesome banchan (complimentary appetizers).

Always a filling and satisfactory experience.