A Reception to Remember

Hi! G’day! Kamusta?

My name is Ganns. You can call me James, if you like. If you’re looking for a Filipino wedding host in Canberra, I’m happy to help!

I’ve been hosting events and wedding receptions for almost 20 years. From large formal affairs to small, intimate gatherings, I’ve had the privilege of hosting weddings for couples in Australia and the Philippines.

It’s All About You

I’ll work closely with you to develop a Filipino wedding reception in Canberra that reflects your unique taste and personality as a couple. And even though the wedding is all about you–TRUTH!–I also understand the importance of making guests feel valued, welcome and entertained. The end result is a fun and inclusive wedding reception with many memorable moments to be enjoyed.

Filipino Wedding Host in Canberra

In the course of hosting Filipino weddings, I’ve seen it all! I’ve worked with couples who wanted only close friends and family in intimate locations. For events like these, I often show up early to chat with your guests, making them feel welcome and relaxed before the “I do’s”!

I’ve also worked big ballrooms for weddings with more than 500 guests! For events like these, I believe it’s important to go big and go around–hopefully with a wireless microphone!–to talk to your guests, even those seated far away, so they know their presence is felt and appreciated.

As a Filipino wedding host, I also understand the importance of a good song! I have been singing professionally for over 25 years and can easily include standard songs to sing at your reception, including a wide selection of songs from Michael Buble to Jason Mraz, from Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole to Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo.

My standard Filipino wedding service includes a minimum of three hours of wedding reception hosting, including at least three songs if you like. I like to show up ahead of time to create a fun and friendly atmosphere at your reception. The service also includes custom wedding program development to ensure your wedding reception matches your personality.
A disclaimer: I am not a wedding celebrant in Canberra. I can host your wedding reception but I cannot conduct your actual wedding ceremony.


Filipino Events Host in Canberra

In addition to Filipino weddings, I also host other events, including children’s birthday parties and corporate events.

As a Filipino children’s party host in Canberra, I bring a youthful energy to kiddie birthday parties. Think Hi-5 or The Wiggles! I love children’s birthday parties because I get to dial up the fun and let loose with your kids. I will work with you to discuss a variety of party games to play, as well as any other special activities you may want for your son or daughter’s special day!

I also host corporate events like conferences and seminars. As a former university professor, I understand the importance of your emcee understanding the subject of your event. This is why, in addition to discussions with you, I research about your event subjects so that your delegates don’t get bored or lost, and that your conference objectives get met.



Kind words for a Filipino wedding host from some of my favourite couples

Kevin & Mimi

I would just like to thank Kuya Ganns for helping us with our wedding. He has been really helpful in preparing our program and fixing our timeline. Kuya Ganns was able to communicate well with us and as well as our guests. He is also very entertaining and easy to deal with. Again, we really appreciate in helping us with our wedding, making it a very fun and memorable night.

Dan & Ana

When we were looking for someone to host our wedding, we felt like we didn’t need to screen others. My wife and I back then was in mutual agreement to ask Ganns if he could do it for us. Ganns best strengths are his humor and being eloquent. He is the perfect balance of both. We want our reception to sound like it’s being hosted by a professional from a prestigious pageant but we didn’t want it to be boring either. Ganns “more than” delivered for us that night and we couldn’t be any happier. If you’re looking for a host who brings professionalism, humor and class act in the table, open to ideas, can break stereotype programs-that’s Ganns. I’d proudly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ganns again for making our wedding night special.

Jayr & Val

Ganns hosted our wedding back in Dec 2, 2012. We just knew he’s the perfect host for our wedding because hosting is such an innate talent of his! He’s our good friend and workmate from church, so we were very blessed to witness first hand how much he brings so much sunshine to any room you’d put him in! No dull moment on and off the stage when you’re with Ganns! Hashtags were just about to be on the rise back in 2012 and we were so blessed that Ganns is such a trailblazer of a host that he made a hashtag for us on the fly and and taught our guests how to use it. We never thought about having a wedding hashtag but he surely did!!! He pioneered it for us. We love Ganns and we can definitely say you are making the right choice to have him host your event! He’s such a burst of fun, wit, good energy and kindness.

Paul & Jael

Ganns is a one-of-a-kind wedding host! He can definitely create the kid of energy and atmosphere you want for your wedding reception. My husband and I really enjoyed the way he hosted at our beach wedding. Ganns is the kind of host who will not simply show up and do the job. He will talk to you and connect with you and that creates a very authentic kind of hosting. He can definitely bring the most festive mood into a party! We highly recommend Ganns. He is not only a great host, but a wonderfully genuine person as well!

Patrick & Marie

Marie and I made a right decision of having Ganns as our wedding host on our wedding day. Our guests enjoyed our special day. Indeed a memorable celebration. Thank you for being “non-stop”, fab and fun. You work professionally and you connected easily since prep to finish. Also the singing, ohhh man! Good work! We hope to work with you more. Cheers!

Fosty & Ana

I’m glad it was Ganns who hosted our wedding. Ganns is a very versatile host. He can be very serious if the occasion calls for it and can be funny too, depending of course, on the occasion and the crowd. He considers even the smallest details that makes his hosting engaging. Our wedding called for both formal and humorous, how he pulled that off was amazing! He is very professional. And when he agreed to host our wedding reception, we knew for sure that we wouldn’t have to worry on that part. We know for sure he can cater to all types of crowds.


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