Pentatonix, “12 Days of Christmas”

Acapella supergroup Pentatonix has released a fun music video for its new Christmas song, “12 Days of Christmas,” visually matching the different music genres masterfully presented in the song.

Lifted off the group’s new album, “We Need A Little Christmas,” this acapella rendition of this Christmas chestnut is brilliantly arranged. Instead of the standard repetitive sing-song arrangement, Scott, Mitch, Kristen, Kevin and Matt deliver different musical genres for a few of the songs, including latin, house, traditional Irish and even big band. The technical and vocal skill with which these are delivered is absolutely stunning, and the end result is a version of “12 Days of Christmas” that is exciting and sheer joy to listen to.

The music video of Pentatonix’s “12 Days of Christmas” matches the song pound for pound. Deceptively simple in its use of lights and angles, the video shows all five members singing the song in different Christmas-themed outfits. The lights change depending on the day, so the eighth day, for example, which employs a house music style, goes dim to simulate a dance floor. The seventh day, which features a different Latin-influenced danceable sound, has spotlights. And the group members’ personalities come out here, and they’re smiling and clearly having so much fun… it’s all so entertaining. Also, props to Kristen’s incredible hair.

Overall, an incredible song from an incredible vocal group, and yet another great addition to their ever expanding, ever stunning discography.

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