We Are Messengers feat Mali Music, “Love” (Remix)

We Are Messengers has released a remix of their Top 20 Christian Songs hit, “Love.” Already a catchy song on its own, the “Love” remix benefits from a few rap verses from Mali Music, who adds an urban touch to the already irresistible melody and instrumentation of the original.

Written by We Are Messengers lead vocalist Darren Mulligan with Jonathan Lindley Smith and Bryan Fowler, “Love” is knocking on the door of the Top 10 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart this week (it’s at No.13), although I gotta tell ya, I prefer the remix.

Yeah everybody hurts sometimes I know that’s what they say
But right now it seems this loneliness won’t go away
Can anybody feel this heart ache
Is anyone around?

Feels like we’re running round in circles we can’t catch a breath
We can’t enjoy the moment when we always want what’s next
Just when I can’t take no more
It’s when I hear you say

Chorus –
Don’t hang your head when you get lonely
I’ll never leave your side
And don’t go thinking your the only One
that can’t get it right

Yeah You’ve got my love love love love
Down In your soul
Yeah You’ve got my love love love
And I won’t let you go

I know there’s nowhere I can run there’s nowhere I can hide
From the one who gave His life so I could get back mine
So when you can’t take no more
Look up and hear Him say


When you go in that door yeah
I’m right there with you
When you’re hurt and it’s sore yeah
I’m massaging that tissue
I’m resolving that issue
I’m your God and I miss you
Got my love In love with you
Blow the trumpet come get you –
Only son and he gets to
He’s the only one and he gets you –
Deeper place then the mental
We messengers & that’s mali music
I get lonely dude, sing to me too

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