NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth)

I uploaded a new song onto YouTube. I realise it’s not the best thing to post an original after not posting anything in months, but it’s a start.

I’ve got two parodies recorded, but I haven’t made the videos yet. huhuhu~

Superblessed Video Blog: How to Handle Rejection

This edition of the Superblessed Video Blog deals with how to handle rejection, using the story of Leah in Genesis 29. It features encouragement from Psalm 91 and music from Jamie Grace, Mandisa, and Mary Mary.

Length: 13:07
Artists featured: Jamie Grace, Mandisa, Mary Mary
Scriptures featured: Genesis 29; Romans 15:7; Psalm 91
Resources: 1, 2

Introducing the Superblessed Video Blog

It is my pleasure to introduce the Superblessed Video Blog. This video blog exists to help viewers with three things:


The Superblessed Video Blog, which hosted on my YouTube account, will encourage viewers with Christian music (and trivia on the artists!), a brief discussion on a relevant life topic, and scripture from the Word of God. Peppered with good-natured humor and stories from my life, I hope through the Superblessed Video Blog to point viewers back to the source of life and love: Jesus Christ.

Please do bookmark or add this link to your RSS feeds so you can keep posted on the Superblessed Video Blog, which I hope to update every Saturday. God bless you!