Lolo and Lola Canberra

Lolo and Lola is indisputably one of the best family restaurants in Canberra.

This restaurant in Watson serves up Filipino food, known for its bold flavours and hearty, indulgent textures. The restaurant itself conjures up Filipiniana with a slight Western twist, with lovely earth tones and comfortable wooden furniture to complement the Filipino artwork on the walls and contemporary ball light fixtures.

To go with our hot rice, we tried the crispy bagnet, which is deep fried pork served with a salty sweet dipping sauce; the chicken barbecue, which is sweet barbeque sauce-marinated chicken skewers, best dipped in vinegar, and the stew known as salmon sinigang, which features vegetables and salmon served in a piping hot tamarind broth. We finished it off with an ube cheesecake, whose cheesecake filling features purple yam and shredded cheese.

Altogether, Lolo and Lola is right up there in my list of favourite go-to family restaurants in Canberra. Highly recommended.

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