Stay safe, everyone

As of this writing, the coronavirus has infected 422,959 people across the world and killed 18,907 of them (stats here). Lockdowns are happening in countries around the planet, but not here in Australia, oh no, as of today, we haven’t locked down yet, although thankfully schools are, which reduces the chance of kids becoming carriers because they’re not interfacing with other kids who may be carriers etcetera.

It’s really a very distressing time. I’ve also read on Twitter about some Canberra landlords who want to sell their property, and are therefore trying to evict their current tenants. Isn’t that horrible?? In the middle of a pandemic! Where is the humanity in the middle of this crisis? Can we even afford lawyers in Queanbeyan to help us? It’s very stressful!

At any rate, I hope you guys stay safe, stay indoors, stay at home, and let’s see each other through. God bless, everybody!

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