“Amadeo (Still My God),” Ryan Stevenson

Contemporary Christian singer Ryan Stevenson has released his new single, “Amadeo (Still My God).” Easily one of my favourite carrier singles from Stevenson, “Amadeo” has many great things going for it. First of all, that sing-along chorus is IRRESISTIBLE. You absolutely cannot help sing along with it. I can’t wait for it to be sung by believers in stadiums across the planet; it is one of the best choruses I’ve heard in recent memory.

Stevenson has a gift for writing encouraging songs that speak of God’s sovereignty and heart to help His people. “Eye of the Storm” was one of his most successful for that reason. “Amadeo” is a dip into the same waters, but with a fresh perspective and lyrics that anyone in a valley season will not hesitate to sing out at the top of his lungs. A great song that deserves massive airplay.

AMADEO (Still My God) Lyrics
Ryan Stevenson

Life can take our breath away
Tragedy can leave a wake
A broken heart won’t ever beat the same
Pain can stop us in our tracks
Losing what we can’t get back
Shaking the foundations of our faith

No matter whats in my way
No matter the battles I face

You are still my God
You’re still my rock
My only hope Lord,
You’re all I’ve got
In every valley or mountaintop
I’ll say hallelujah

You’re still my God

The questions keep us in the fight
The answer’s never black or white
We may not know until the other side
But even in this in between
We fix our eyes on what’s unseen

The shadows never overcome the light
No matter whats in my way
I know that You won’t ever change

You’re still my hope
You’re still my peace
You’re still my joy
You’re all I need
You’re still my strength
When I am weak
You’re still my God
I still believe

Listen to “Amadeo (Still My God)” on Spotify.

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