Ganns Deen, “Bitter Ocampo”

Before we move to Australia, I wanted to tick a few items off my personal bucket list. One of them was to release a song to Spotify.

Sometime in 2016, I began making parody videos on YouTube on TKGTV (short for Tito Kuya Ganns TV). During that creative period, I decided to also write a few humorous originals, and Bitter Ocampo was one of them.

A song about a man who’s clearly hung up on his ex-girlfriend who is about to get married, Bitter Ocampo is a light, ukelele-driven song that hopefully offers some redemption by the end of the track. Until he gets there, though, he throws up all kinds of hurtful wishes at his ex.

So I chose Bitter Ocampo to be THAT song to release to Spotify. Produced by the brilliant Charles Bautista, Bitter Ocampo is now available on Spotify here, and I’ve now ticked an item off my bucket list. YAY.

This is the lyric video to my original track, “Bitter Ocampo,” now streaming at

Ganns Deen

Watching you walk down the aisle
Seeing you smile
It makes me want to cry

Beautiful all dressed in white
I know tonight will start a brand-new life

Flower petals on the floor
Watching you walk through those open church doors
Don’t think you’ve looked so beautiful before
Where do I start?
So from my heart…

Chorus 1:
Madapa ka sana
Fall flat on your face
You ruined my life and left me
Gone without a trace
Matapilok ka sana
Mabilaukan sa cake
I hope you know how much you hurt me
And made my heart break
So enjoy your life
I’m Bitter Ocampo tonight

I knew that things were getting dim
When you changed SIMs
And I could no longer call
I even signed up for the gym
So I could get slim
But that didn’t work at all

Baby, why’d you do me wrong
I can’t move on
That’s why I wrote this song
I hope getting over you won’t take too long
But if I’m wrong
I hope the typhoon’s strong

Chorus 2:
At mabasa ka sana
Get wet in the rain
I hope you catch a cold
So you experience my pain
May bubuyog sana inside your bouquet
And I hope it stings the way
You broke my heart that day
So enjoy your life
I’m Bitter Ocampo tonight

Mas guwapo siya, I get it
Mas mayaman siya, I get it
May killer abs, I get it
Your new husband is so hot
May awesome car, I get it
He can take you far, I get it
You’re gonna be a star, I get it
I hope you’re happy because I’m not

Chorus 3:
Baby, happy ka sana
This time, it’s the truth
I wish you the best and
I am blessed for loving you
Please forgive me sana
For what I said in this song
And I know it’s over now
So it’s time to move along
So enjoy your life
I won’t be Bitter Ocampo tonight

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