JJ Heller, “The Well”

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter JJ Heller has released The Well from her eighth studio album, Sound of a Living Heart. I can’t quite fathom why Christian AC hasn’t quite opened up to JJ Heller, and I’m hoping that The Well will right this wrong.

The quality of the song is really quite good, and the immediately singable lyrics and gospel choir in the background make The Well a solid pick for success on Christian radio. The gem of the song, however, is in its hopeful, simple message: God is more than enough, and He is a provider Who is everything we need.

Couple that with an incredibly cute video, here’s hoping The Well will finally the long overdue Billboard Christian Songs Top 10 hit that JJ deserves.

JJ Heller

I bought into the lie
And I spent all my gold
When I feel half alive
How will I ever be whole?
And I bartered my dreams for glitter and smoke
I was rich as a king
But my heart was broke

You are
You are the well
You are the well that never runs dry

I followed my heart
But it led me astray
I should not have gone
But I went anyway
Now I find myself here
All battered and bruised
I was chasing the wind
I should have been chasing You

You are
You are the well
You are the well that never runs dry

Here in the desert
Out in the wasteland
Nothing but sand and stone
There is a river
There is a fountain
Deep enough for every soul

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