Healthy Options Gluten-Free Bread

healthy_options_gluten-free_breadA few months ago, I started the Bulletproof Diet after I ran into two of my church friends, and they, frankly, looked amazing. The husband, who was always fit but was particularly stocky, was clearly slimmer and carried himself with more confidence. The wife, meanwhile, looked sleek and just as confident.

“What are you doing?” I asked them, and they said, “Bulletproof.”

Since then, I’d done my research, and since then, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds on it. Yay!

One of the most things I had most difficult dealing with, though, was the call to reduce, if not eliminate, gluten. The book discussed a plethora of reasons why gluten was bad for me, and I’d eliminated most of the sources of gluten in my diet, but for four months, I’d gone without bread.


I’ve finally had a tuna sandwich–thanks to Healthy Options’s new gluten-free Loaf Bread! Toasted bread and topped it with canned light tuna, mayonnaise, Cadia dijon mustard, lettuce, pickle relish, and Laughing Cow light cheese. Ridiculously delicious and yay, finally, gluten-free bread that tastes like bread!

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