The Action Bible

Redemption BC p001-032.inddFor #YouDayTuesday, I offer a different take on the Bible that you or your sons may enjoy. The Action Bible is the Bible in graphic novel format, presenting 215 stories from the Word of God in chronological order. I recently bought it as a present for Nathan and he’s really devouring this book!

The Action Bible is not unlike The Manga Bible in trying to make the Word more accessible to audiences that are more drawn to visual representation than text. The Action Bible claims it is the most complete picture Bible ever, and its chronological presentation makes it easier for you to follow the actual text, if you’re using it as a complement to your Bible reading, like I am.

Brazilian artist Sergio Cariello, who has done work with Marvel (Avengers, War Machine, Daredevil), illustrates The Action Bible so powerfully, making breathtaking images that capture the passion and life behind the Bible stories. I really enjoyed his representation of Creation, The Flood, Esther, and David and Goliath, among others.

If you’re drawn to images more than text, or would like to encourage your kids to look at the Bible in a different light, you may really enjoy The Action Bible.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment in cash or kind for this review.

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