Royal Touch Cupcakes

Royal Touch Cupcakes by Carolyn Robb is a cupcake bakery located at SM Aura. It opened a few months ago, and my family and I cannot get enough of these delicious, moist, lightly sweet, indulgent cupcakes! Each cupcake is perfectly made, and is an absolute delight to eat!

Carolyn Robb used to be the royal baker of England – as in, baker to the Queen. Well, if these cupcakes are good enough for Her Majesty, they’re certainly good enough for my family and me! We’ve dropped by several times – sometimes going out of our way to do so! – just to enjoy The Royal Touch’s scrumptious treats. I’ve popped a few of their cupcakes onto my Instagram account – the Royal Touch has its own Instagram account as well – and I’ve gotten good feedback for how pretty they are.

We’ve had several types of cupcakes since we started going to The Royal Touch, and the stand-outs are the Apple Duchess, an apple pie-type cupcake; the red velvet and chocolate strawberry marionette cupcakes, which are standouts for the richness of the cake and the large strawberries that top them; and the vanilla viceroy cupcake, which is lightly sweetened and airy yet moist. I also recently took home a box of ten mini-cupcakes, which featured a white chocolate cranberry. I don’t know its name, but I’d like to go back and buy myself a dozen of those particular cupcakes, because they were ridiculously good.

My only beef with The Royal Touch is the quality – not the look, because they’re lovely – of the take-away boxes. For some reason, they just don’t hold the cupcakes well, so whenever I bring them home, there’s always a cupcake that goes awry and the beautiful frosting gets on the box or on another cupcake, which is unfortunate because they are truly lovely.

My recommendation is to visit The Royal Touch, dine in, and enjoy the cupcakes in their English parlor-designed restaurant. With a spot of tea and a cupcake, well, the afternoon just gets lovelier, doesn’t it?

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