Ganns Likes: Hotel H2O

Three years ago, my wife Caths and I decided to start a family tradition by checking into a Manila hotel with our kids to welcome in the new year. This year, we decided to check into the Hotel H2O, a hotel in Manila located inside – or beside, if you want to be technical – Manila Ocean Park. Caths got a great deal off Agoda, and we checked in January 1st.

The Pro’s:

  • Surprisingly good room service food. The food was delicious!
  • Delicious breakfast spread. The breakfast was delicious!

The Con’s:

  • Room design. It’s quite lovely, really, and many details are gorgeous. But I’m not quite sure how to feel about the rather open toilet – just frosted glass over the intimate parts – and the shower virtually across the bed.
  • It’s quite the walk. I walked to Starbucks, and it was a good ten-minute walk. Plus the air outside the hotel smelled of the sea, and the Manila Bay doesn’t smell as ocean-fresh as it used to.
  • There’s not a lot to see in-hotel. Aside from the ocean park, well, there’s not a lot to see. You need to cross the street to get back into the swing of things.
  • The pool is so public. The kiddie swimming pool is in full view of the spectators at the animal show; the adult swimming pool is the pool of the animal show.
  • Friendly but loooong service. The people were nice. Slow, but nice.

My little girl horsing around.

The vanity and the wash area… right outside the shower… right beside the bed.

Reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” to my little girl.

My family at Hotel H2O

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and we aren’t averse to coming back if the kids would like to.

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