Tap into God’s heart to let Him reach into your Seoul

Every year, Victory Philippines invites its more than 60,000 members to partner with missionaries from Every Nation Missions to help bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation in our generation. This year, I promised myself I would support a missionary, and pledged to help do my part in the Great Commission.

Meanwhile, my wife, Caths, and I, are celebrating our tenth year wedding anniversary this year. We were hoping to go to South Korea, but we had one major hurdle: we had to apply for South Korean visas. So we applied, praying the entire time that we would be granted those all-important visas. We couldn’t move without them; after all, why book tickets and accommodations if only to be stopped by the inability to enter the country? Everything hinged on those visas.

Now, last Friday, I received some money for some voiceover work I’d done. I was overjoyed; we needed this money. As I sat there, enjoying the feel of the cash in my hands, I felt God tell me, “give half to Missions.”

Half, Lord? I asked incredulously. The money in question would have covered four months worth of my missions pledge.

Do it, I heard Him say. Somehow, I felt that if I obeyed in faith, we would receive those visas. It wasn’t one of those Lord, if I give this, You’ll give me that moments; rather, it felt more like Trust me; you know what I’m capable of doing moments where God was asking me to step out in faith and obedience. So I obeyed.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Caths and I waited for word from her travel agent who was at the embassy. For some reason, I was totally calm and confident; I’d never felt like that before. Somehow, I knew in my heart that it was ours. I didn’t doubt God one bit.

I prayed in my heart, God, I trust You on this one. I obeyed what You asked of me, and I’m believing You will bless us back. And yet, I also prayed, If this isn’t ours to have, Lord, I will still praise You, because You’ve given me ten amazing years with this amazing woman, and that is the real blessing, not this trip. Whether or not You allow us to go on this trip, I will praise You.

Then Caths received an SMS from her agent, with two words:


And that was it! We had our visas!

I am a firm believer that when we do our part to help fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission, God blesses us back in similar ways. Giving to the Missions fund was one of the most fulfilling things I’d ever done, and clearly, the LORD is waiting for more people to step out in faith to partner with His children to do great things to glorify His Name.

I encourage you to consider pledging to the Every Nation Missions fund. To pledge, click here; for more information on Every Nation Philippines, please click here.

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