“Robbing” OMF Literature

I’m not sure which was the bigger feat: stuffing 22 books into a tiny canvas bag about a foot and a half in diameter, or the fact that OMF Literature allowed me to do so.

OMF Literature, the country’s premiere publisher and importer of quality Christian reading material, launched its month-long clearance sale with a by-invitation-only event titled “R.O.B. Us Booksale,” the R.O.B. meaning “Raid Our Bookshop.”

You know a Christian Literature major like myself is not going to say “No!” to that!

I was extremely grateful for the invitation from OMF Literature, and it’s a privilege to be given an opportunity like that, so yesterday, June 8, I got my fat butt to the OMF headquarters along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City. I took half a day to do a slew of personal errands – and accomplished all of them save one, I guess those Jayesslee tickets are going to have to wait until next week! – with the R.O.B. Us booksale the main item on my agenda.

It literally took 30 minutes for me to find a parking spot (and that one opened only when I spied my friends from Becca Music leaving the bookstore with bags and bags of books in tow).

Good news: parking spot.

Bad news: Stan and the rest of BMI probably bought every book in sight.

The OMF Bookstore isn’t exactly the largest bookstore in the world, and more than two dozen shoppers jostled and wrangled for the best books in sight. It wasn’t like a Forever 21 sale where people just drop fruits of the Holy Spirit alongside F-bombs and the wayward piledriver; it was civil (but I knew what people were thinking).

Many of the titles I wanted were actually out of stock – the one I really wanted, Hipster Christianity, I spied in the grubby hands of some fellow who I really wanted to hate but couldn’t, because 1) he’s a believer, which makes him my brother-in-Christ, and 2) he did look like a hipster, so I guess he qualified for it more.

I did get some of the items I wanted – Blue Like Jazz, The Message Solo Devotional, and Learn to Pray in 28 Days, all for friends who asked me to buy for them. However, I did buy 19 other titles, most of which I re-sold to folks at the office. End of day, I ended up with several titles, most of them teen-oriented titles (that will help me raise Nathan and Nicki, I hope, alongside my nephews who kinda look up to me).

Among the books I’m really looking forward to reading are:

  1. Engaging Your Teen’s World by Brian Housman. The past few weeks, I’ve interacting with a lot more teens, and so I want to make sure I stay relevant and speak to them openly and honestly. This book should speak wonders into it.
  2. What You didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Sex by Matthew Paul Turner. What can I say? I’m not getting caught pants-down – not literally nor figuratively – by any teens asking me the tough questions.
  3. The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. Strobel was a former atheist whose investigations into the truth about Jesus led him to become a Christian. These books should help solidify my theological foundation and help me delve deeper into my faith so in case anyone asks me about it, I will be able to speak clearly and with authority.
  4. The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher by Rob Stennett. I don’t have a lot of Christian fiction. (I don’t have any, actually.) The premise of the story – a real estate agent who cons a Christian community – rings a little close to home, so I’m looking forward to reading this one.
  5. What’s Age Got to Do With It? by Robin McGraw. Bought this one for my mother.
  6. Stories for the Extreme Teen’s Heart. Bought this to give away to a lucky KKB! These kids are extreme!
  7. The Strong-Willed Wife. Um… *grin*

I still can’t believe I was able to get 22 books for only Php550! That’s totally wild. Here are other massive deals from June 9 through 27:

1. Five-orites! 5 books* for P300
2. Readers’ Dozen! 12 books* for P500
3. Thrifty-Fifty! 50 books* for P1,500
4. P95 a book – Snatch them from the bundle pile
5. Bundle Burglary – Book sets for as low as P500
6. 20% off on all regular-priced OMF Lit titles
7. 30% off for Kaibigan Card and Pastors’ Exclusives members on all regular-priced OMF Lit titles on June 15 and 16

Thanks to Ida Torres and the rest of the OMF Literature online and marketing teams for the invitation, and to OMF Literature for book sales like these. You truly bless the body of Christ in ways you can’t imagine.

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