33Miles, “What Grace Looks Like”

Contemporary Christian/country duo 33Miles has released What Grace Looks Like as the follow-up to Arms That Hold The Universe, the first single off the new album, Today. Group member Chris Lockwood co-wrote this irresistible toe-tapper with Chad Cates, and the partnership has produced what is easily one of the catchiest tracks of 33Miles’ storied career. Lockwood and 33Miles colleague Jason Barton have recorded some of the more memorable tracks of the past three years, including Thank You and One Life to Love. Although Top 10 status with a single has eluded them to date, What Grace Looks Like is a pretty strong contender to earn recognition for one of the more storied journeyman groups of the past five years.


It’s the sun coming out when you didn’t expect it
Finding your way when you needed direction
We see it in so many ways
It’s a cold glass of water when you feel thirsty
Things working out when you’re in a hurry
It never ends
Like a faithful friend

If you wanna know what Grace looks like
Let Love open up your eyes
It’s not that far away
You might be amazed
It’s all around, look and see
What God does for you and me
Seek and you will find
If you wanna know what Grace looks like

It’s a little bit of hope and sweet redemption
Maybe taking time to stop and listen
Just being there
Show someone that you care
It’s living a life with your hands wide open
Giving all you got to a heart that is broken
For heaven’s sake
Whatever it takes

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