Christy Nockels, “Ever Lifting”

Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Christy Nockels, who scored a hit late last year with Waiting Here For You, has released Ever Lifting, a digital single that is apparently the carrier single of a new, currently untitled album, scheduled for release sometime in the spring of 2012. Coming from the reverent worship of Waiting Here For You, Christy’s new single Ever Lifting is a buoyant song of praise that is, in my opinion, a dose of fresh air amidst the heavy rock sounds currently permeating Christian AC. I’m sure somewhere in the Midwest, this kind of Christian sound may be a dime a dozen, but to this Christian music lover, I am loving that southern gospel sound. The banjo – is it a banjo? – is a delight to hear; it reminds me a bit of the brilliant Indigo Girls’ Get Out The Map, which is another great uplifting song (that is decidedly unChristian, but that’s beside the point).

Christy has created some amazing work with Watermark, and I appreciate her work with Chris Tomlin and the men and women of Passion, but there’s something about the material that she’s churning out since Life Light Up, her own studio release from last year, that tells me Christy’s only just begun to scratch the surface of what she’s fully capable of. She has a clear, distinctive voice, and when she sings, there is just so much passion there, it’s hard not to take notice. Ever Lifting is now picking up at Christian AC – it’s one of the most added songs at AC this week – and methinks Ever Lifting could be a ticket to another Top 20 hit for the ever-inspiring, ever-insightful Ms Nockels.

Christy Nockels

Up on the heights, oh oh
You let me go, oh oh
You make my heart to rise from the depths below …

You hold me up, oh oh
So I can see, oh oh
You’re ever lifting me …
You’re ever lifting me …

You’re lifting my head so I know You’re near me
You’re lifting my eyes so I see You clearly
Where I belong…You are where I belong
I’m lifting my voice just to sing a new song
I’m lifting my hands just to show You I know where I belong …
You’re where I belong …
You are ever lifting me …
You are ever lifting me …

You fill my heart to know, the length of Your great love
And where You go I’ll go, You set my heart above
And nothing on earth compares, Oh God when I’m with You
You take me higher, You take me higher

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