Jaci Velasquez, “Give Them Jesus”

Contemporary Christian singer and actress Jaci Velasquez has released Give Them Jesus, her first Christian single in over four years. A fast-paced guitar-driven track not unlike her hit single Show You Love, Give Them Jesus is rapidly picking up at Christian radio, picking up radio ads and spins left and right. I’m pretty sure Give Them Jesus will place well, a surefire Top 20 hit, although whether it will make Top 10 will depend on the competition and whether radio programmers will still be open to playing Velasquez after a four-year hiatus. Personally, I think it’s a great song that deserves a heckuva lot more airplay. Jaci has always played encourager, and her songs have been powerful in the area of motivating people to take action on their beliefs. I personally think Give Them Jesus should be a hit.

Jaci Velasquez

I want to cross a border line,
And walk on dusty floors,
Give up two weeks of my life,
Feed the hungry, clothed the poor.

I want to drive up to a homeless man,
Or holding up a sign,
Hand my only twenty,
God Bless him as I say goodbye,
But more than this.

I wanna give ’em hope,
I wanna give ’em peace,
I wanna give the greatest of these,
give ’em love, love,

I wanna tell the truth and lead them to the light,
And tell them everything will be alright,
Give them love, give them Jesus.

I wanna walk with something with someone,
I wanna listen to their pain,
Be a shoulder they can cry on,
I found they’ll never walk away,
But more than this.

I wanna to change the world,
Make it a better place,
But is it really,
Ready if they never really know,
Really know,
Real hope,
Real peace,
Or the greatest of these,
Real love, love.

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