Peter Furler, “Matter of Faith”

Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Peter Furler has followed up his Top 10 hit Reach with Matter of Faith, another terrific track from his solo debut album of the same title. The former Newsboy knocked one out of the ballpark with his catchy carrier single, and Matter of Faith, the equally inspiring follow-up, seems almost certain to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor single.

Peter Furler

We all know and believe
There’s more than what we see
Eternity is deep inside our hearts

So we watch and wait until that day
When in a flash, this world will pass away
Heaven and earth will kiss each other

The sun will rise and light a brand new day
Every knee will bow unto Your name
All the saints will shout and sing Your Glory
As a matter of fact
It’s a matter of faith

New clothes, new names
Every tear drop is wiped away
Fears gone love and peace remain
From the east to the west
The sky splits wide in the blink of an eye
Our two worlds collide
Heaven and earth have kissed each other

So even when it seems so long to watch and wait
Still our hearts are full of yearning for that day
And even in the dead of night we walk by faith
Lord, we stand upon the promise that You made

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