Erudio et iuvo

(This blog entry falls under my standard informal one-personal-blog-entry-per-month policy.)

When I graduated from college, I created a simple three-word motto that captured what I believed was my purpose in life. Erudio et iuvo. Educate and entertain.

Thirteen years later, I realize God continues to offer me opportunities to live it out, but I have diluted it for lack of direction. I think it’s time to really focus on that and anticipate the destiny God has crafted out for me. Since I graduated from the Ateneo in 1998, I have essayed the following jobs in a full-time capacity:

  • Three years++ teaching part-time at DLS-Manila and Saint Scholastica’s College
  • Four years++ full-time marketing communications at DLS-College of Saint Benilde
  • Two years++ copywriter at DirectWithHotels
  • Four years and counting, as full-time worker in the ministry, as Communications Director at Victory Fort Bonifacio, then Worship Services Director at Victory Greenhills

The following are things I became on a part-time because I enjoyed being them:

  • Radio DJ
  • R&B band keyboardist
  • Songwriter
  • Freelance writer
  • Praise and worship backup singer (and eventually leader)
  • Christian music blogger
  • PinoyExchange administrator
  • Certified search engine marketer
  • Wedding host
  • Speed-reading instructor
  • Wedding proposal coordinator
  • Graphic designer

All these jobs have given me the opportunity to educate and entertain, but not necessarily on a clear level. The next few weeks will find me soul-searching as I come to another crossroads. I enjoy what I’m doing, but so many of my contemporaries are, well, earning well, and I believe I could be making so much more than I’m currently making. We’re earning well, and respected much in our own industries, but, of course, we must pay a premium for a good quality of life, including a good education for our children, good relationships, and a good balance of time. God is Jehovah Jireh, and He has provided and will continue to provide for me. Long-term, though, I desperately want to seek God more and rest in the knowledge that I will be able to provide for my family’s needs and adhere to the standard of living to which we have grown accustomed. So I seek. And pray. If you can keep me in your prayers, I’d appreciate that.

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