I Am Empire, “Hammers and Anvils”

Contemporary Christian alternative rock band I Am Empire has released the decidedly hard-edged Hammers And Anvils to Christian CHR radio, lifting the single off its new Kings CD (Tooth & Nail Records) to critical and radio acclaim. Now one of the impacting songs at CHR radio, Hammers and Anvils is a unique quality track that shouldn’t have a problem making fans for the San Jose-based quintet. Having toured with artists like Flyleaf, Sublime, Deftones, Silversun Pickups, Thursday, Four Year Strong and The Wedding, I Am Empire takes its name from the battle cry to be yourself and never feel pressured towards conformity.

“We decided to name the record Kings because it signifies the head of a household,” says frontman Austin Lyons, “and if you’ve been abandoned, you want to look past that person and try to be better when you grow up. The goal is to take up the crown that person left behind and be better than the person who left, which can really apply to any type of relationship.” Most of the songs on Kings deal with the topic of abandonment, which is a topic close to Lyons’ heart. Hammers and Anvils, while not exactly about that theme, should ensure the band will never find itself alone again. Give Hammers and Anvils a listen and tell me if I Am Empire is a band that will find itself playing on your iPod.

I Am Empire

This cloud that floats above me is getting old
It’s been years and years and years of cold hard rain
But only few have ever really seen my pain
I can never see the sun shine
Unless its glowing off small kids with their big dads
Oh that’s something that I’ve never really had
How I wonder if I did
Would I be glad

Rain down your hammers and anvils
Let’s build something great for the world to see

I hit the floor
Hurt more than I ever expected
Thought I was only supposed to get what I deserve
Did anyone see that fracture in my nerve
It’s hope that has embraced me
And my God who won’t forsake me
Sweet Jesus you’re amazing
You save me every single time I fall down

Rain down your hammers and anvils
Let’s build something great for the world to see

Rain down your hammers and anvils
Let’s build something great for the world to see

It’s simple things I keep forgetting
A loud voice to know the cloud above my head is soon to pass
This joy is not impossible
So forget all the improbable

Rain down your hammers and anvils
Rain down your love
Rain down your hammers and anvils
Lets build something great for the world to see

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