Blog the Beat: Switchfoot

Earlier this evening, I hosted Becca Music‘s first-ever Blog the Beat, a music and events media night for BMI’s friends from traditional and nontraditional media. I enjoyed myself immensely as I got to meet several bloggers, including:

  • Jer and Vianca of LoudnRaw Music Ph. I spoke to him about his indie band Faultt; I spoke to her about how she spoke Bicolano.
  • Jay and Ade of Think Like A Beginner. He’s an accountant; she’s a banker. Natuwa ako sa kanila; they looked like they were really enjoying themselves.
  • Joenard and Alysa of Truth On-air. Their blog is a Christian Internet radio station, imagine that!
  • Maine and Elisa of Stache Magazine. Maine is their editor-in-chief; Elisa is their arts manager. I complimented them on the quality of their website design, and told them I was very interested in the content they feature. Looking forward to their “arts issue.” Also enjoyed Reese Lansangan’s Trophy Boy, which I read about on Stache; you all should check out this original video!
  • Edan, the Videoke Queen. Edan was a terrific, funny conversationalist; I told her that I enjoyed her blog post on Next to Normal. Her sister was in the newspaper with Tim Yap. lol
  • Miggy Matute of At The Womb. Miggy really impressed me. He struck me as an intelligent, articulate young man who knew the scene and was really into it. I learned about *whispers* The Collective lol. Haven’t been in the indie scene since Cynthia Alexander in 2003, but it’s vibrant and raw and Miggy seems to be smack dab in the middle of it along with Kakatuwa.
  • Sean of God in You. Sean and I have been online friends for quite some time. He brought a friend whose name unfortunately escapes me right now.
  • Mighty Rasing of Transformational Leadership Headquarters. I met Mighty a few years back in the course of writing Christian blogs, but this was the first time we’d actually met. Confident young man; I’m sure, in the next few years, God will use him Mightyly, pun unfortunately intended.
  • Cathy Canaceli of Periwinkle Confessions. Pretty girl. :) We had a great conversation about K-Pop, because apparently she had posted a picture of Nichkhun and Victoria from Korea’s We Got Married but had no idea who they were. lol We’re also Owl City fans, apparently. (^^,)
  • Justin and Bry of music site JustinBreathes. Justin was a laugh and a half; I wish I had more time to talk to him and his friend Bryan, because they sounded like they really had a lot to share.
  • JC of J-Zone. Nice guy! He’s the U-Belt coordinator of this organization that reaches out to students. And get this… the J-Zone website and I share the same template! lol (Naku, looks like I’ll have to change soon! lol)
  • Cheryl Golangco of, the Little Running Teacher who also does a mean Darth Vader impression.
  • LJ and Regine of DZAS. LJ and I collaborated before in an on-air interview, while Regine is named after Regine Velasquez lol.
  • Gel of She’s in business development; her companion, whose name, unfortunately escapes me right now, is in IT. It was so interesting watching them watch the others; cool as cucumbers!

There were many other bloggers who I was unable to meet because I hosted Blog the Beat. These included music blogger Ed Arevalo, who I was really looking forward to meeting; a lady blogger who identified herself as born in the United States but lives here (the things we find out in the course of doing Blogger Bingo); and many more. I promise I’ll get to know you if I get the attendance sheet I requested from Becca. Apologies to anyone I may have forgotten or whose names are misspelled or worst, wrong. As you saw, I wasn’t taking down notes, and I’m relying on everything from memory. But please do know that you’re all very special to me, and I look forward to collaborating or talking to you again very soon. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

During Blog The Beat, attendees enjoyed bottomless Folger Gourmet Coffee (the Creme Brulee was delightful), a white cream pasta, chicken drumettes, and vegetables as videos of Switchfoot were flashed on large LCD televisions and a projector screen. Later on in the program, a Bloggers Bingo resulted in four bloggers’ taking home prizes from BMI. They were also treated to videos from Switchfoot, including a specially recorded video exclusively for the event from Switchfoot band members Drew and Chad. All bloggers and media partners took home Blog the Beat media kits, which included Switchfoot CDs, posters, and information about the band and BMI.

My heartfelt thanks to Becca Music Inc. for sponsoring this enjoyable event, and for inviting me to host it. While hosting is enjoyable – and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, it’s never easy – I look forward to being an audience member next time, lol. I can’t wait until the next Blog the Beat! God bless you, BMI, and God bless all my new blogger friends. See you at the Switchfoot concert!

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