Ganns’ Top 10 – March 12 2011

Last week, my daughter Nicki found herself enjoying an album track off the Piggy Dolls’ album, Piggy Style. Titled You Know (?? ??), she sings along with the track even know she doesn’t understand a word of what they’re saying. Well, according to my iTunes, it was the most played song on my iPod and iTunes this week, so #1 it is! Congratulations to the Piggy Dolls. With the group’s ascension to the top, it is the first time that three girl groups have succeeded each other in rapid succession (one week each). Furthermore, from only two Korean girl groups to go to #1 on my chart (Brown Eyed Girls and Secret), suddenly, there are four (last week’s #1, Jewelry, and the Piggy Dolls this week). Curiously, the top two female groups in Korea, Girls Generation and 2NE1, have yet to top my chart. Ah, c’est la vie.

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