Darlene Zschech, “Under Grace”

Renowned praise and worship leader and former Hillsong Church worship director Darlene Zschech, who scored a few radio hits of her own in the past few years, including the Top 3 hit Pray, has released her new radio single, Under Grace, on INO Records.

In this video, Darlene Zschech shares her thoughts on the song, which she says she penned after a series on grace delivered at her local church by a visiting pastor from Singapore. “That word, grace,” she says, “has come alive in myself, just so much more over the last few years.” Under Grace, she says, came from that desire to create a song that would afford a revelation on grace and have the ability to let the concept simmer in the listener’s soul. She just wanted people to feel “the pressure is off,” to have people rely on Christ, not themselves, because everything is already accomplished and done, by grace.

As always, this is a preview video; as soon as we get either a copy of the song itself or the video is streamed on YouTube, we’ll make Darlene Zschech’s Under Grace available to you. Keep posted.

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