10 Things I’d Like to Do in 2011

Every new year, I get all these delusions of grandeur that fill my head. I’m turning 34 this year, so I’m definitely no spring chicken. Time isn’t on my side, and I definitely need to get myself focused if I intend to accomplish anything. So no resolutions this year! Instead, ten things that I would like to accomplish before year-end, so I can focus on ensuring I can actually get something done. We are not defined by our actions, but our actions help contribute to who we are and the legacy we leave, so I’ve identified ten things I’d like to see finished on a personal level.

1. Read the Bible cover to cover. Haven’t done this in a loooooong time. I’m determined to grow deeper in my relationship with God, and sinking my teeth into His Word will contribute greatly to my knowledge of Him, as well as give Him an opportunity to speak clearer to me.

2. Take Caths to Korea. We haven’t been on a couple’s vacation since Puerto Princesa in 2006. Caths is really crazy about Korea, and I would love to do this while we’re still young and can walk around in comfort.

3. See Nathan win another competition. Late last year, Nathan won a Math competition in school, finishing second in his grade level. The end result, however, was a severe bout of acid reflux because I was so nervous for him. This time, if he competes, I am so taking the bottle of Maalox with me.

4. See Nicki off to school. Nicki’s been such a trooper, getting better with every round of speech training. Caths and I are believing that she’ll be ready to ship off to school by June.

5. Finish and publish my book. I’d been working on a book for the longest time, but I hadn’t actively sought its publication. This year, I’d like to actually see it come to fruition.

6. Audition for a musical. I am such a frustrated thespian! This year, I’m going to actively seek out theater auditions and give it a shot. Audition man lang!

7. Do a CF. I’ve only auditioned for three commercials in my life, and haven’t quite been successful in bagging any of them (although I did receive a couple of callbacks). I’d really like to complete the year with at least a couple under my belt.

8. Lose weight. I’ve gotten more comfortable in my skin, and I clearly can’t bring myself back to my weight circa 1998, but I acknowledge that I can stand to lose a few pounds. (Say, 50.) Slow and steady wins the race, and no more announcements about it. I’ll just let the weight loss speak for itself.

9. Get a song on radio. I’ve been working on several acapella songs, and without a steady acapella song on radio, methink the time might be right to try and get one on. Once I select one – cover, naturally, because local radio hates OPM originality j/k – I’ll do my best to come up with a great arrangement and we’ll see where it takes us from there.

10. Get that Release reunion. I am itching to get the boys back onstage. Back in the 90s, I was part of an acapella/R&B group called Release. I think this year would be a great time to reunite the guys and get them back to where they belong.

10. Be your prayer partner. I love to pray for people. Let me know what you need and I’ll stand in prayer with you. The other side of the coin? You need to let me know when the prayer comes to pass!

Lord, please help me see all these to fruition! :)

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