Paul Baloche, “Wonderful God”

Paul Baloche’s Wonderful God is lifted off his 2009 CD, Glorious, which birthed the single Just to Be With You. Wonderful God has been hovering around the high 20s of the Radio and Records Inspo chart for the past few weeks. This week, it looks like it’s about to make a breakthrough, and I think it’ll enter the chart by next week. It registers one of the highest increases in airplay; it is also one of the more added songs to Inspo stations across the nation. Wonderful God may be from an album that’s relatively dated – Glorious was released in 2009, after all – but I still think the song is quality enough to make an impact. Baloche’s influence and songwriting quality is never to be underestimated; the man is brilliant.

Paul Baloche

Amazed and overwhelmed
At how Your mercy fell
And changed a heart as hard as mine
I tried to turn away
Deny the hand You gave
But You refused to leave my side

Wonderful God
Wonderful God
Wonderful Savior
Wonderful love

Who could compare
None can be found
Wonderful Savior
Wonderful God

Undeserving grace
Stole my heart away
Forever I am Yours my King

The beauty of Your strength
Draws me once again
To stand before You now and sing

You said You’d never leave me
And You never did
You say I have a future
And there’s a life for me to live

Lord I wanna praise You
And say
Wonderful God
Wonderful God

Wonderful Savior
Wonderful God

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