New season

Hello, everyone!

Once again, I apologize for the lack of updates on I’ve been terribly busy at work, while one particular freelance project is taking up a lot more time than previously anticipated. It is all wonderfully fulfilling, though, and I promise we will get back to regular scheduled programming within a few days.

Having said that, I have some exciting news. (Well, exciting for me, anyway.) As many of you know, I have been with Victory Fort Bonifacio, a church in Manila that has been my workplace and spiritual home, for more than two years, serving as its Communications director. Prior to that, I worked in the industry, and attended Victory Fort’s sister church, Victory Greenhills, a church in Greenhills. (Caths and I joined that church plant in November 2007; I was hired by the Manila church for which I currently work in 2008.)

In August 2009, Victory Greenhills invited me to join their staff as coordinator of the Music Ministry. After much prayer, I decided to accept their invitation, and made it known to my colleagues and superiors at Victory Fort. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to leave. I happily carried on for months; it was a job I relished, after all.

Fast forward to EN2010, when God revealed to me that there was a new season in store for me. Specifically, he said I needed to align my heart with His, and when I did, there would come prosperity and abundance, and it was clear that the abundance would be an abundance of time for my family. This was very encouraging, and I waited on Him for more. A few days later, I was invited once again by Victory Greenhills to join their staff, albeit this time as Worship Services coordinator serving concurrently as coordinator of the Music Ministry. Two jobs in one. The job I was offered in 2009 was still vacant; this time, I was being offered more responsibility, more opportunity, more challenges. More chances to rely on God.

I said “Yes,” again. I requested to be released a few weeks ago, and my superiors gave me permission. Now we’re searching for my replacement, and I trust and hope God has prepared the right people so when they come in, they’ll be even greater and more perfect for the job than I ever was.

Work-wise, I’ll be doing music virtually full-time. I’ll be working and covering and encouraging some of the most talented, anointed vocalists and musicians in the country, whose hearts beat for God and overflow in joyful worship week after week. Not just that, I’ll be interfacing with and encouraging all the volunteers of the church. I’ll be in the thick of the services week after week, working with these talented men and women to ensure everything goes well. I’m not going to lie to you: this new season is more intimidating than any I’ve ever had. What have I to fear, though? God is with me!

Personally, though, this is a winning deal. I’m closer to home – I live in Caloocan – so that means more time with my wife and kids. More time to song-write. More time to worship. I trust if I plan properly, I can overcome my workaholic ways and not bring work home. I’m also looking forward to spending time with the mighty men of Greenhills. Dennis, Chinkee, Larry, Jason, and Tito are men’s men. They’ll speak into my life. They’ll set godly examples of husbandry and fatherhood. I will support them, and they will support me. Ours will be an Acts fellowship, and I look forward to the years we will spend growing this church.

This feels right. This feels so incredibly right. I’m coming home. Lord, thank You. I’m ready.

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