No Other Name, “Lead You to the Cross”

Debut Contemporary Christian group No Other Name – that’s gonna be hell to search engine optimize for – has come up with its new EP, Lead You to the Cross, bannered by radio single The Only One. Airtight countrified harmonies aside, No Other Name‘s strongest suit may very well be well-crafted songs that speak of the urgency to bring the message of the Gospel out to as many people as possible. The group certainly walks the talk: its most recent blog entry on its official website talks about a scheduled mission trip to Nicaragua from June 26 to July 3. Not all Christian groups readily work on the Great Commission, so this is a great opportunity for No Other Name to reach out to as many people for Jesus as it can.

Back to the music. Sam, Chad, and Laura, the members of No Other Name, may have sent The Only One to Christian AC, but the EP’s title track, Lead You to the Cross, is picking up steam at Soft AC/Inspo. Curb Records’ Christian leanings aside, I have to give credit to No Other Name for taking a stand to sing about the Great Commission. That bravery is paying off: Lead You to the Cross is one of the five most-added tracks this week at Soft AC/Inspo. Its accompanying video, shot in Dubai, underscores the group’s determination to go forth and make disciples of all nations. It is inspiring, it is challenging, and it is a refreshing awakener to many of us who are satisfied with being Sunday Christians. Christians need to hear this song.

(Apologies, by the way, for the sketchy album art; I couldn’t find an EP cover with higher quality.)

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