I’m still alive

I apologize for the lack of updates, musical or otherwise. Things are a little fast-paced (read: toxic) at work because we’re doing our best to offer the best to God and our spiritual family. Right now, I’m attending a search engine marketing seminar at the Crowne Plaza, which I have to admit is pretty exciting for a web geek like me. I’m interested in seeing how this will all pan out, because it’s been a couple of years since I last went to a seminar like this. It’s always a good idea to update one’s skills set, especially in the area of technology, which is such a fast-moving animal. We can’t afford to be left behind, so this is pretty exciting. (The blog pic is taken from my seat at the seminar; shouldn’t have worn the glasses, but I don’t want people to see me taking photos of myself; I’m vain enough without a hundred strangers making value judgments on me, despite it’s apparent, obvious truth.)

“Google Insider” Simon Leung is the resource speaker for this, and the nondisclosure agreement I’ve signed makes me wonder about what kind of things he’ll be sharing with us today. He’s pretty good at marketing himself, I’ll give him that, and he’s not a bad looker, for all y’all girls and gays; his site has ample face value. (He even has a cartoon avatar.) Seems like a nice guy, though, so bring it on, Mr. Leung, I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from you today.

*Tickled pink by possibilities* Ugh, web geek alert.

In other news, I’m finalizing the edit of my latest a capella project, God is Love, my version of the original album track by Color Me Badd. It’s the most vocally challenging song I’ve taken up yet, so it’s taken a little more time than usual to fix. I’m also banking – read: finishing edits – an original track but I can’t announce much about it because 1) it’s a secular song, and 2) it’s quite a unique song, so I don’t want to send it out until I’m happy with the final product. I’ve made a couple of “for-viral-purposes” songs that didn’t quite pan out, but maybe this one’ll do the trick. ;) Idol si Diwa. lol

Got a chat yesterday from my friend Dr. Jay Catipon, the Makati Dentist. He got two referrals the day before yesterday, both of whom went to him after reading our testimonial on the Deen Family blog. Good for you, Jay!

Finally, on the home front, our long-time nanny is taking a week off to attend her brother’s wedding. After an initial day of ashes and sackcloth, Cathy and I believe that family is more important than anything else, so we filed the necessary leaves. She’s taking a couple of days off today and tomorrow, then I take two days off on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, to ensure the kids are okay. I’m as excited for these two days, especially since Nicki’s really growing into her own.

So that’s my personal post for April. How are you?

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