Naming my gadgets

I like naming my gadgets. It started when I got a Nokia XPress Music from my wife a few years back. I named him Noah, after the lead guy in The Notebook, and also because Noah the Nokia works for me. I like alliterative names. lol Since then, I’ve named virtually every single gadget I’ve gotten. These include:

  • Gina, my Hyundai Getz. Gina has her own blog. I named my Getz Gina because it’s a nice name starting with “G” and because it was better than “Dina,” which was the original name I had for it. “Dina Getz” sounds like ‘di na gets, which is Filipino for “<the person> didn’t get it” or “didn’t understand it,” which can be funny, but was something my wife wouldn’t be open to using. Our previous car, a Toyota Revo, was called “The Revorend.”
  • Macky, my Macbook Pro. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t interact with my Macbook Pro from work. I eat, sleep, and breathe this laptop. When I don’t have Macky with me, I get the jitters.
  • Cookie, my LG mobile phone. It’s an LG Cookie. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?
  • G-Dragon, my iPod Video. I got G-Dragon in a trade with my boss. I traded Bella, my 8GB iPod Nano, for G-Dragon, who has more space at 30GB. She also got Edward, my Nike+ iPod running assistant, which wasn’t compatible with G-Dragon. G-Dragon, by the way, is named so because of the GelaSkin that I stuck on him, and partly in honor of the controversial Big Bang superstar.
  • Pyolo, my Rock Star mp3 speaker. Macky’s speaker isn’t as strong as I would’ve liked, so I bought a USB speaker from Rock Star Urbanz. Pyolo is named so because “pyol” is “star” in Korean, and there is an extremely popular Filipino actor and singer by the name of Piolo Pascual, to whom I’m partially paying tribute with the name.

Some people think I’m loony (I knew that a long time ago) for naming my gadgets, and I don’t blame them. It’s just a quirky thing I like to do, and who isn’t guilty of a few quirks? What about y’all? Do you name your gadgets?

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