Ganns’ Top 10 – March 20 2010

As of March 20, 2010, these are my top 10 favorite songs. Here’s an interesting tidbit: with “Abracadabra” reaching #1, Brown-Eyed Girls becomes the first female Korean artists to reach #1 on my chart. Prior to that, the highest ranked female Korean artist (solo or group) was Lee Hyun Ji, who reached #2 with Vanilla Love in December 2009. (The chart success here, BTW, was also largely in part to featured duet partner Onew from SHINee.) Two Korean idol groups also debut for the first time: ZE:A (Child of Empire) at #7 with the oddly named Mazeltov and U-Kiss at #8 with Bengeul. Rounding out the Top 10? British soul singer VV Brown with the infectious Shark in the Water (a tip of the hat to Berg, who introduced me to the track).

1. Abracadabra (2) Brown Eyed Girls
2. Doc/Run To You (3) Super Junior feat. Kangin
3. Rediscover You (6) Starfield
[audio:Rediscover You.mp3]
4. Oetoriya (1) CN Blue
5. Insomnia (4) Super Junior feat. Ryeowook
[audio:Ryeowook – Insomnia.mp3]
6. Heartbeat (10) 2PM
7. Mazeltov (new) ZE:A
8. Bengeul (new) U-Kiss
9. Solo (8) Iyaz
10. Shark in the Water (new) VV Brown

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