Kris Allen post-concert thoughts

The Kris Allen/Boyce Avenue/Jabbawockeez concert was OFF THE HOOK. Here are ten post-concert thoughts:

1. It was the first major open-air concert I’d ever attended. Ang daming tao! (There were so many people.) There were naysayers who said Kris wouldn’t be able to attract a crowd, but boy, those naysayers should’ve been there. Praise God it didn’t rain.

2. The crowd seemed strangely subdued. After each number of any of the featured artists, there would be wild applause, but they died down pretty quickly. I’ll bet that won’t happen at Super Junior. Those fans are crazy. (Don’t worry, kasama ako jan.)

3. Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue has a truly terrific voice. It held well, especially during the sing-alongs. My wife crushed on every single member of the band. Except the fourth dude who drummed, because the camera didn’t get him well. I’ll bet if it did, she’d probably crush on him too.

4. Throwing teddy bears into the crowd. Nice touch, Boyce Avenue.

5. Jabbawockeez. HOT HOT HOT. My body was aching just watching them dance. Favorite routine of the night: Masculinity skit and romance segment with lady of the night.

6. Lady of the night = noona. No, wait, ahjumma. Tsk tsk. I guess the Jabbas can’t see very well with those masks on.

7. Channel [V] VJs generally good. Did their best to warm up the crowd. Georgina is so beautiful. I would’ve screamed her name, but my wife was beside me and she knows kung fu (and a lot of other oriental words).

8. “Audience participation” featured professional singer Chris Cayzer. Namangha ang buong audience sa galing ng boses at sa cuteness ng mukha.

9. I love Kris Allen. I really, really do. His audience rapport is terrific, and he just glows with such energy. Terrific job on Red Guitar, Live Like We’re Dying, Before We Come Undone, The truth, Heartless, and, of course, Ain’t No Sunshine. Worth every centavo we didn’t pay for. (Thanks again, Ro!)

10. I was really happy for this girl who flew in from Malaysia. She sang Live Like We’re Dying and won a free signed CD from Kris. She was then selected later on to dance with him onstage, and before she left the stage, she asked for a hug and got it. Some people have all the luck.

Once again, praise God for blessings. I got Silver tickets from a dear friend. Let’s believe for Backstreet Boys tickets next, shall we? :D

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