I Don’t Care About Climate Change

Pilipinas Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

I don’t care about climate change
it is not true that
the earth may be dying
it matters to me that
water and energy are mine for the taking
how foolish to think
my lifestyle is contributing to the earth’s slow death
i acknowledge that
even if others may disagree with what i believe
i will persevere
“i am not alone on this earth so i must do my part”
is a stupid concept
“what’s in it for me?”
is always on my mind
“how can i save the earth?”
is a question I shouldn’t even ask
“why should I care about my carbon footprint?”
i can use as much plastic as I want
it’s stupid to think that
i can make a difference
the earth will not recover
i refuse to believe that
changing the earth starts with me

Unless we choose to reverse this, all the above may very well come to pass. (Read the poem again from the bottom up.) Thank you, Jonathan Reed, for the palindromic inspiration.

Many Filipino bloggers have weighed in on this very important issue; this blog post compiles many of them.

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