Philippine photography studio opens in Quezon City

I just got off the telephone with good friend Hazel Gonzales, a very talented Philippine makeup artist based in Quezon City. Hazel and I met through Marge Patena, when I did some freelance graphic design work for the birthday celebration of Hazel’s daughter. What started out as a business relationship soon blossomed into a chummy friendship; I found myself seeking Hazel out for thoughts on where to eat in the Timog area, who were people we could work with as freelance writers, and so much more! The woman is full of information on everything including and outside of makeup!

I recently learned that Hazel opened her first Philippine photography studio, an all-in-one events, makeup, and photography studio in Quezon City called HG Studio. A protegeé of renowned lifestyle and cosmetics icon Celestine Sng of Esteé Lauder Singapore, Hazel has gathered talented photographers, makeup artists, and event coordinators under one roof and trained them in the art of impeccable customer service and satisfaction. You can visit her website here and see the quality of her makeup and photographers by what flashes on your computer screen. I kid you not; their work is gorgeous. (HG Studio is also on Facebook.)

Located at the ground floor of Timog Avenue’s Torre Venezia – you can’t miss the building, it’s this beautiful hotel in Quezon City stretching high into the sky – HG Studio is a one-stop Philippine photography studio that should provide brides, event organizers, and corporate types the kind of service they need in one fell swoop. Don’t take my word for it; call Hazel yourselves and I’ll put my money where my mouth is when I say that Hazel Gonzales and her studio are pretty much all you need.

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