This is why you’re fat

Last night, I ran into an old college buddy. His first words to me were “Ang taba mo!”

This is a real chocolate bar!Pasalubong from Ps Bernard. This box was literally full of chocolate. 30 people shared it, but they left the spoils with me. Ouch.

With Raz & ThonySee that large untouched plate in front? That’s mine. Round two.

The danger's not in the coffeeThe Dezaato Pan cafe amerikano was delicious (touch of sugar, that’s all). You don’t see the berry bread. You don’t see the choco log.

Photo 26End result: a life of fat.

How do you combat this? The easiest formula in the world, yet the most difficult to apply.

Burn more than you take in.

Hasn’t happened yet. Need more exercise! Need to eat more sensibly! Come on, Ganns! You did it before! Do it again!!

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