Mind dump: worship at Greenhills, music collabs, and other things

This is a mind dump, more than anything else, really.

  • Worship went well: Praise God worship at Victory Greenhills went really, really well! Co-worship leader Ayi and I were blessed with a fantastic team: musicians Domini, Ken, Josh, and Charles were on fire, and the singers Jayne, Jessica, and Cielo were anointed that day. Tight harmonies and great energy. Several people blessed us by coming up to us afterwards and said that the worship blessed them. It was amazing. I love worshipping, and Greenhills gives me an outlet. (Ahia Larry, pahiram naman ng pix!)
  • Praise God for Freedom: The collaboration with Italian DJ Enrico Sindico is going well, too. I emailed him a sample of the music and lyrics of the song, which I’ve titled Freedom, and he sent back a backing track that I’ll be using for it. I’m excited for this, I really am! International collaboration rocks my socks! (Ano ngayon kung pareho kaming hindi kilala? Hehehe.)
  • Editing is exciting: Another brother in the faith blessed me with an editing job. It’s an engaging book that will undoubtedly bless many, many people. As I’m going through it, I’m learning a lot too. (Praise God as well for the extra income.)
  • Quick! Run For Home: I finished at 40:01 at Globe’s Run For Home charity run last Sunday. Wasn’t my best, but it certainly wasn’t my worst. I realized that, at least according to my Nike+, I actually registered my third-longest run. At 5.48km (according to my incorrectly calibrated Nike+, I ran 7:17/km, not my best and well below my overall average (which is 7:06 right now), but hey, considering that my fitness program’s currently dead in the water, I’m happy. Next run’s the Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run. (A night run! How awesome is that?)
  • Ganns is Going Green… and Fast! I’ll be launching a new podcast this week, but more on that in a dedicated post for it.

How was your weekend?

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