Experiencing 7-11’s Big Bite Challenge

At 11am last Sunday, I swung by the 7-11 store along 32nd Avenue in Bonifacio Global City to accompany a friend who wanted to join the 7-11 Big Bite Challenge. Basically, you buy the Big Bite Pack – five hotdog sandwiches and a giant glass of sugar soda then wolf them down. Fastest man wins, like, PHP50,000 or something like that. Huge amount of money.

Anyway, so I went with my friend Stephen because he wanted to join the Big Bite Challenge. When we arrived, there was a television crew at the 7-11 store we selected. The three hosts of “Boys Night Out” (89.9 Magic?) were there, and apparently, they were awaiting a customer who would avail of that challenge so they could shoot it for MTV. So guess who was unlucky enough to be there at that time?

Stephen bought the hotdogs, signed the waivers, had me “witness” the contract, and chose his hotdogs. After one crew member asked unfortunately which variant I wanted – excuse me, I wasn’t the contestant! Can you blame him for thinking so, though? – Stephen took them over to a table and began to set up. After asking permission to shoot him, the TV crew set Stephen up and the three radio jocks interviewed him. Cue crude homosexual jokes. Then Stephen got to work. It was WILD. He just downed those hotdogs and everything else. When the smoke cleared, he finished 2:47. Like I said, it was WILD. Good enough for fourth in that store, or so I’ve heard. I’ll bet if he gave it another go-around, he may actually beat the record. I’m not kidding. It was his first time; he can do it better, the second time around.

I took some photos and a video of the actual gluttony eating contest, and that was that. It was my first time to experience something like that and it was kinda surreal. I’m real proud of Stephen, though. I wonder how he’d do with pizza…

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