I’m getting more and more hits from, Microsoft’s new search engine. I have to admit I like Bing’s savvy new look, which takes a page from Google’s simple layout but fuses it together with terrific photos to create a unique new appearance. It’s not cluttered like Yahoo! either.

I tested some of my favorite search phrases on Bing, including my name (Twitter first? Really?), Philippine church (Victory Greenhills and Fort are in there), and Filipino Christian blogger (still #1, haha!). The results are all right, and according to some reports, Bing is increasing in market share by leaps and bounds, and it may only be a matter of time before it overtakes Yahoo! in its own right.

Which means when we search engine optimize, we have to take Bing into consideration. Microsoft is back in the game!

(Speaking of Victory Greenhills, its savvy new site, which I won’t link to yet because it hasn’t been formally launched, looks fantastic. It means, however, that I am going to have to change the look of my site. *rassum frassum* This is just as well, I suppose, because I suspect this WordPress template is not as intuitive to SEO as I hoped it is, and the supplemental index ratio of this site is off the charts. I need to bring it back to a simpler look so I don’t lose additional page rank points. Whee!, something to do this Independence Day.)

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