Redeem the Airwaves one week away

Redeem the Airwaves 4.0 is only one week away!

The Redeem the Airwaves schedule is as follows:

You may notice I’ll be the fourth plenary speaker, discussing “Blogging Strategies” on Day 3. More than just an intro to blogging – because I’ll be working with the assumption that most people attending the conference are familiar with blogs, though not necessarily setting them up – I hope to delve into the kind of discussion that will help you as a church or ministry achieve the following:

  • Develop an integrated social media networking communications plan
  • Decide which avenues of online communicate are best for you
  • Learn the basics of search engine marketing and optimization

Basically, I’ll be delving into “Getting the Best Out of Your Church/Ministry Website” for ten minutes, discussing website and/or blog creation, basic search engine optimization, page rank, and search engine marketing, then “Getting Your Message Out There,” which deals primarily with how you can promote your website and create community, including social media networks. If there’s a little bit of time left, we can discuss public relations and damage control.

So as you can see, it’s going to be a very useful 30 minutes – just 30, so I’ll actually only be talking for about 20 minutes to allow for a 10-minute open forum – that I know will be useful in your desire to honor God and advance His Kingdom, using the Internet to help underscore your personal, church’s, or ministry’s goals and vision.

My Redeem the Airwaves 4.0 talk is on May 16, Saturday, 1:30pm – 2:00pm. The conference fee for Day 3 is PHP600, although all three days are going for a discounted PHP1,000. I can assure you this will be an excellent opportunity for you to plan out your ministry/church’s communications, music, and video agenda, among other things. “Cut Through the Noise” and join us at Redeem the Airwaves.

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