Warning: the blog entry you are about to read may result in your losing a little respect for me by virtue of my being a total fanboy. I beg your forgiveness and ask you to indulge me. Imagine your getting a message from a celebrity person who’s made such an impact in your life, but said person was totally unattainable, totally unreachable. This is like Raft3r getting a personal message from Janet. Or Cathy getting a personal message from Robert Pattinson. It’s surreal!



You guys are NEVER going to believe this! My friend BFF Cindy Swanson, who has the best job in the world as a Christian radio talk show host/DJ in the USA, got me one of the greatest gifts ever: A MESSAGE FROM MANDISA!!!!

Cindy had a phone interview earlier with Mandisa earlier this week as part of promotions for the release of Freedom, and she sent me an email asking if I had any questions for her. *jaw… floor!* I sent her four questions along with a pretty shameless letter telling her about this Filipino brown boy who was a ridiculous fan crazy for all things Mandisa.

I then asked for the ultimate favor: a Mandisa shout-out. And Cindy came through!!

Mandisa not only says “Hi!”, she just glows with humility and grace as she thanks me for my support.

Yeah, girl, you thank me for my support, I thank God for YOU! And your music! And your heart! And your example! Mandisa, sister, God works through YOU!

And you, Cindy Swanson, you are a miracle worker! You are an angel!

I still can’t believe I have a personal message from Mandisa Hundley!!!


[audio: Shout-Out to Ganns.mp3]

Update: Cindy’s uploaded the full interview here. She asks my question at around 2:35.

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