I’ve given it much thought and I think it’s time to face the inevitable. This isn’t easy, but then again, many major decisions aren’t. After more than three years, I think it’s time. has run its course.

I’m a servant of one God, husband of one, dad of two, and a communicator/friend to more than 8,000. These are my priorities, and I need to focus on that. Somehow, the joy has gone out of maintaining so many websites, and with the limited time in my hands, I want to put that time to good use. Worrying about’s direction takes it out of you. So I’m pulling myself out of the equation.

I’ll keep this website up for another two weeks, then use to forward to my Multiply URL (

I’m still online, and I hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with me on my own website as much as I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you. If you’d still like to keep in touch, please change your links to, and I’ll add your websites to my RSS feed and links section as well.

Aside from Ganns Deen on Multiply, here are other places I will continue to frequent:

See you on the other side, boys and girls.

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