Looking forward to Nuffnang

If you’re going to sign up for blog advertising, you may as well go with the best, and right now, the best is Nuffnang.

After having read about Nuffnang on Tita Noemi’s blog, I visited the Nuffnang website and found a blogging community that was easy to join and informative enough to keep returning to. As a matter of fact, signing up with their online form took me all of one minute; I was registered and ready to go in two days. As you can see, it is very easy to post an ad unit on your blog; I have one on my sidebar and one at the bottom. Life With Gina is primed up too.

Update: Hey, I’m one of the Top 68! Yea and congrats to the others!

I especially like the analytics section on the website. It provides me with so much more information than SiteMeter, so I’m loving that particular aspect of the Nuffnang service more than anything else right now. I apparently am a member of their exclusive club, the Glitterati, so I think I may be entitled to even more perks, which ups the “Yay” factor.

I’m looking forward to what actual ads Nuffnang is going to post on GannsDeen.com. One thing is for sure: unless they’re ads pointing people to the devil (!), I’m going to enjoy being a member of Nuffnang for a very long time.

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