Loving my Philippine Spa Essentials scents

I recently got hold of a twin pack of Spa Essentials Energy aromatherapy scents from Watson’s. The Spa Essentials Philippines pack contains a 10mL bottle of Energy Pure Essential Oil Blend (Aromatherapy Grade) with oil burner, which could be great for turning up the mood of our bedroom, and a 100mL bottle of Spa Essentials Philippines Energy Linen Spray, which we can use for our bedsheets and the insides of our closets.

This morning, we tried the Energy oil blend in our bedroom. I think Energy contains essential lemon oils. I think I smell a minty touch, which could still be a lemon, or perhaps a tinge of either mint or eucalyptus, but that may just be me. Anyway, it smelled awesome, and really perked up our bedroom.

The best part? It’s economical! No need to take out a cash advance to purchase one of these aromatherapy packs.

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