I heart Nokia Service Center!

Remember this? I was having problems with the memory card of my Nokia 5300 Xpress Music, so I brought it to the Nokia Service Center located at the third floor of the Robinson’s Manila mall.

After gently explaining my situation to a female customer service representative, I was asked if I would care to reformat the memory card, which would erase everything in the card. I had backed up all my data, so I replied in the affirmative. I also informed her that I had tried to reformat the memory card using my laptop, but it wasn’t possible.

She then pointed out to me a function in the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music that showed it was easy and convenient. As soon as I gave the go-signal, she reformatted the memory card and everything is back to normal. Completely empty, which allowed me now to flush more than 30 new songs into Noah for me to play. I don’t need Cathy’s Shuffle anymore. Hahaha.

Who needs an iPhone when one has a perfectly good Nokia 5300 Xpres Music which offers superior callback quality and is less of a security threat? I heart Nokia.

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