Won’t you join the Nike+ Human Race on August 31?

Plz, Ceiling Cat, I want teh pretty bracelet.I am now on Week 2 of my ‘Rest of My Life’ fitness program. I call it that because I intend to stick to it for, well, the rest of my life. (I can hear Raft3r now going ‘yeah right.’)

The ‘Rest of My Life’ diet is an amalgam of two fitness programs: the Fit For Life program of Harvey Diamond and the Get With the Program program of Bob Greene. Diamond’s program will help me deal with my food intake, making me eat healthier with almost 90% of my food intake being fruits and vegetables (which I love). Greene’s program, on the other hand, helps me get to the bottom of my issues, which include binge eating and emotional eating.

The end result, ideally, will be an overall healthier me.

Yesterday, I learned I won a gift certificate from Jaymie for a discount off a Nike+ Sportsband. (Thank you, Jaymie!!) From an original PHP3,300, I can get it for PHP2,700. I didn’t expect to win it, so this comes as a bit of a surprise; I don’t exactly have the budget for it. But after Pastor Joey Bonifacio spoke the world of his Nike+, I realized this was just what I needed – okay, wanted – to jumpstart my exercise program. (Since my Gold’s membership has expired and no one seems to want to join me for Lazer Tag or badminton, it’s been a lonely exercise trek.)

(So it’s not a need, it’s a want. The Bible tells me the Lord will grant the desires of my heart in accordance with His will and desires for me as I desire Him too, so I guess I will just have to believe Him for it.)

The GC also comes quid pro quo: if I buy the Nike+ Sports band, I should ideally participate in Nike Philippines’ upcoming Human Race on August 31. Jason, one of my volunteers, has been training for this marathon for months; am I so self-deluded to think that I should join this marathon having NO training, less than two weeks before the event?

Well, regardless of whether or not I get the Nike+ Sports band, I think I will start running. If Joey Bonifacio says it’s remarkably good for him, it’s gotta be good for me too.

Meanwhile, if y’all wanna join the Nike+ Human Race, you can sign up at any Nike Park store on or before the 30th of August.

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