Enjoying Zen Zest Cocktail Collection scents

Cathy and I recently came into two of Zen Zest‘s new Cocktails Collection women’s fragrances: Malibu and Bellini, and being the fragrance freaks we are, we couldn’t be happier… at least with one of them.

By far the better smelling of the two is Zen Zest Bellini, “a zesty combination of orange, coriander leaves, jasmine, violet leaves, vanilla, and musk.” Normally, I’m not a big fan of vanilla and musk, but the combination of these two with orange and jasmine makes Bellini a nice evening fragrance. It reminds me a bit of Mariah Carey’s M, albeit without the lingering toasted marshmallow scent; instead, we get a light bottom note of jasmine, which works well for nighttime.

Zen Zest Malibu, on the other hand, “combines the enticing sparkle of citrus and the freshness of wild mint, rhubarb jelly, and the tang of orange.” The mint and rhubarb overpowers the citrus, and it doesn’t work for me and Cathy. However, we can totally see some people with livelier personalities totally going for this scent.

You can buy Zen Zest Bellini at all Zen Zest kiosks and stores in major shopping malls across the nation. Their website’s down, unfortunately, so if you’ve any information, you’re just going to have to email them.

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