The Fully Booked High Street 1st Anniversary Sale

The Fully Booked High Street branch in Fort Bonifacio is holding its first anniversary sale ending August 2. Discounts as high as 90% were being slapped onto the thousands of books at Fully Booked Serendra (We’re talking four floors of books. How can you possible say “No!” to that?!)

So, yesterday, I conned convinced my wife and father-in-law to make the trek from our home in Caloocan to High Street to check out the sale. Boy, was it worth it! Among the many books we got were I Am Legend (the original sci-fi novel from the 60s), No Fear Shakespeare: Macbeth (a graphic novel adaptation of the British classic), another graphic novel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and a reprint of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (You know who owns that last one.) For Nathan, the last copy – at PHP250! – of Maurice Sendak’s classic, Where the Wild Things Are. We would’ve probably bought a lot more had there been more time.

I had my eye on Kathy Reichs’ Bones and Ashes. think I may return tomorrow to see if it’s worth it. Also, I also a new Paulo Coelho book; I just need to confirm if it is new. (After he added me to his list of friends on Plurk, how can I turn down his latest? Woohoo!)

I also visited their fourth floor, home to CDs and DVDs, and saw the entire 10-season Friends boxed set retailing for PHP7,950. That seems like a lot, but that actually comes down to only PHP795 a season. In DVD! Plus, the two gospel CDs of Michelle Williams at PHP499 each. Gah. Kulang na lang, Calvin and Hobbes boxed set at 20% off. Hu hu hu, I wonder how much I’d get for my kidney.

Are you a book lover? Head on down to Fully Booked while the sale’s still hot. Most books start at 20% discount, that’s already reason enough!

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