Is the end near?

I love my job, I really do. There is nowhere else I’d rather be. Because of this job, however, my online efforts have been haphazard at best.

It brings me to a turning point in my road: is maintaining this blog still worth it? I can keep one blog going – say, the one on the Multiply website, and, of course, Life With Gina – and then just let this one fade into obscurity, but I feel bad about all the effort I’ve put into making a PR4 website (not to mention it’s the highest-ranking Filipino-Christian blog on the Internet).

Its purpose in the past few months has been largely vague, focusing on several topics, including Christian music and politics, as well as some personal notes (which I’d previously reserved for the Multiply page). *sigh* With my job now, I don’t know how often I can update and all that. I need to focus on what is important, and right now, I’d rather do God’s work by building relationships here and regularly maintaining a maximum of three personal website presences (my Hyundai Getz and Multiply websites seem like the most viable).

I can still keep my hosting because it’s a great thing to have storage and all that, and I can just redirect to the Multiply website.

Pero sayang. PR4! What a waste! Ngr.

I’ve been online for more than a decade now, but I’m at a crossroads where I have to ask myself whether this is all still worth it. Until I get to that point, I hope y’all can bear with me. I’ll ask God this morning to help me sort through it all.

Meanwhile, God superbless you!

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